Faculty of Nursing

Overview about Faculty of Nursing

Faculty of Nursing at Tanta University started its educational mission under the title High Institute of Nursing in 1982 according to decree No. 642 of 1976 where duration of study was four years after which female students graduated as nursing supervisors with Bachelors degree in Nursing Sciences. Actual study at the institute began in the academic year 1982\1983.
Out of belief in the importance of nursing as one of the vital and significant specializations in offering health care to patients and because it is the largest sector of human resources needed to meet requirements of health institutions in this field including hospitals at the regional level in all governorates of the republic and at the world level; republican decree No. 2000 enacted in 2000 was issued to change the Institute into a separate Faculty that consists of the following academic departments:

- Medical Surgical and Critical Care Nursing
- Obstetric and Gynecological Nursing
- Pediatric Nursing
- Psychiatric and Mental Health Nursing
- Nursing Administration
- Community Health Nursing

These are six academic educational departments that undertake the responsibility of teaching students in the Bachelors degree. They do not grant specialized scientific degree at Bachelors level, i.e. a student graduates as General Nursing Specialist. However, they grant specialized scientific degree at postgraduate level.

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